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law enforcement technology solutions


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We know that officers have many things to think about while on duty. Cameras don’t need to be one of them. At LensLock, it is our Mission to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and safer.

​Our solutions make it simple and affordable for law enforcement agencies to video record encounters of their officers, safeguarding and storing potentially critical evidence as well as protecting both officers and the community.


We build innovative, cost-effective technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and deliver best-in-class service each and every day.


We appreciate that even the easiest-to-use technology has some learning curve, so we provide in-person training for no additional charge.

When you get a call, people expect a fast response. You can expect the same from us. You’ll have an assigned Success Officer. You’ll talk to a real person, really fast.

We hate financial surprises as much as you do. That’s why we charge a fixed fee per officer and provide a hardware guarantee for the life of your contract. You also get equipment upgrades as part of our fixed fee.




Mr. Handy founded LensLock in 2015. Today, he serves the corporation as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since 1987, Jon has dedicated his professional career to serving public safety markets and American first responders. His previous company, Target Solutions, Inc. was acquired by Vector Learning in 2014. Jon is a proven technology executive with a comprehensive understanding of Cloud-based software applications, Internet database platforms, and governmental regulatory compliance. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Illinois (UIS) and was a member of the national collegiate UIS championship soccer team in 1986. He and his wife Lisa have three children and a talented dog named Addie. In addition to business and family responsibilities, Jon is a horticulture enthusiast, enjoys golf, classical music, and is a member of Incarnation Catholic Church in Tampa, FL.

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Jon’s father, Don Handy, was a police officer while serving in the military.

Jon Handy LensLock



Patrick Felsted LensLock

With more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector, 20 as a Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Felsted brings a breadth of knowledge and skills to the LensLock team. He has worked in small technology startups as well as a Fortune 500 company. His ability to build innovative software, quality products, standardized processes, vendor partnerships, and successful customer relationships is helping LensLock become a leader in the Government Services market. Patrick graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. When not working, Patrick spends his time working out, on his boat relaxing on the water, and enjoying fine wine and the beach.



Originally from Columbus, OH, Mr. Lynch is a highly competitive and driven sales executive who started his career working in sales for the top rated Golf Club in California, Maderas Golf Club. Andy comes from a family that is passionate about tech sales and has many relatives in the industry. Andy has successfully led sales teams for the past 30 years at Maderas Golf Club and Target Solutions, which was acquired by Vector Learning in 2014. He has a vast amount of experience working with public safety professionals and is instrumental in the development of the sales process. Andy and his wife have two children and two dogs. In addition to business and family responsibilities, Andy is an avid golfer and enjoys coaching his son's youth football team.  

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Andy's uncle proudly served in the U.S. Marines.

Andrew Lynch LensLock



Fran Judge LensLock

Originally from Glendale, CA, Fran Judge previously pursued a career as a Sales Director and has sold BWC and INCAR for the last 14.5 years. Prior to his professional life selling law enforcement BWC and In Car, he served at the Glendale Police Dept. CA for over 24 years. During his time at Glendale he worked Patrol, Motors, Vice Narcotics, and Robbery Homicide. Fran also served as a DRE Instructor, Drug Recognition Expert, and taught DRE throughout the state. He promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and remained there until his retirement. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys traveling, collecting vintage motorcycles, and is an avid motorcyclist. 

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Fran brings more than 24 years of Law Enforcement experience and comes from a Law Enforcement family. 



Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Mr. Hendershot is a highly competitive and capable business operations executive who started his career working for UPS. Tyler joined LensLock as the Director of Operations and is instrumental in driving our high level of quality and organization throughout the company. Tyler has successfully led teams at UPS, Tesla, and Lime to achieve corporate goals. He has a unique ability to push QC standards and manage testing while also handling logistics to ensure LensLock clients have the camera and video equipment they need in a timely fashion. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from San Diego State University. Tyler is an accomplished athlete. He has competed in 6 ultramarathons, most recently completing the Chimera 100 Ultramarathon and finishing 58th overall.

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Tyler’s father proudly served in the U.S. Army and his grandfather was a celebrated bombardier.

Tyler Hendershot LensLock



Wes Kipley LensLock

Originally from Scottsdale, AZ, Mr. Kipley has a successful track record in managing customer service teams and is committed to leveraging this proven skillset at LensLock. He excels in dealing with complex technology issues and prioritizing work projects while simultaneously answering customer questions and resolving any issues. Aside from an accomplished professional career, Wes has excelled in both athletics and academics while completing his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. He currently resides in San Diego and spends his off-time at the beach, with his dog Dale, or on the golf course.

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Wes comes from a family with multiple members having proudly served our country.



Dave lives in the Houston, Texas area where he began his career as a certified firefighter. Dave served in the Beaumont Fire Department (TX), rising to the rank of Captain, as well as in Kingwood where he worked his way up to the role of Director.  Over the last 22 years, Dave has provided sales and manufacturing management support for leading In-Car / Body-Worn cameras solution vendors for Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. During this time he helped equip over 1200 Municipal, County, State, and Federal agencies with mission critical products. Dave loves international travel, riding his Harley, and spending time with his family.

Law Enforcement / Military Connection: Dave has served as a Fire Marshall and comes from a family of public safety professionals. His Grandfather served in the US Army.

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