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Client Spotlight: Rockaway Borough Police Department LensLock Body Camera Service Evaluation

At the recent IACP2023 conference in San Diego, LensLock had the privilege of sitting down with Chief of Police Conrad Pepperman from the Rockaway Borough Police Department in New Jersey for a brief conversation. For LensLock, this interaction was more than a conversation; it was a reaffirmation of our commitment to putting our customers first. Listening to Chief Pepperman's insights, both praises and suggestions for improvement, solidified our dedication to supporting first responders nationwide.

Police Department Body Camera Mandate Prompts LensLock Evaluation.

RBPD, a valued customer since 2021, relies on LensLock’s Genesis 12 body-worn cameras to seamlessly and securely capture all officer interactions. But their journey with LensLock didn't start there—it began with a pivotal moment in New Jersey's legislation.

In November 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed bill S1163, mandating body-worn cameras. Rockaway Borough Police Department launched their police body camera evaluation and, after meticulous research, chose LensLock as their first body-worn camera provider. Since then, their experience has been nothing short of satisfaction.

Chief Pepperman lauded LensLock’s industry expertise, recognizing the team’s in-depth product knowledge. This helped RBPD make an informed and confident decision. Moreover, LensLock's commitment to providing FBI CJIS-compliant professional-grade redaction as part of our service was a game-changer for RBPD, saving them both time and money.

A Philosophy that Aligns with Customer's Needs.

One aspect that Chief Conrad Pepperman highlighted resonates deeply with our philosophy—the unwavering emphasis on customer service. In a landscape where growth often overshadows service quality, LensLock's steadfast dedication to exceptional customer support remains unchanged.

As LensLock evolves and expands, the promise to prioritize customer service remains steadfast. LensLock ensures peak body camera service performance by replacing each camera after 30 months of use. This ensures the customer has reliable equipment when it matters most. Rockaway Borough Police Department's confidence in LensLock’s commitment reaffirms our mission to continuously elevate our standards, ensuring that every law enforcement agency, no matter its size, receives the highest level of support and service.

At LensLock, it's not just about providing technology; it's about fostering trust, empowering first responders, and making communities safer—one partnership at a time. It is stories like RBPD's that fuel our passion for innovation and service excellence, driving our team to continually enhance offerings and exceed expectations.

In brief and simple words of Chief Pepperman, "The customer service is amazing." And at LensLock, that's not just a statement—it's our promise.

Join LensLock in celebrating success stories like RBPD's, inspiring us to continue our journey of service, innovation, and unwavering support for those who keep our communities safe. Follow us on LinkedIn or complete the form to learn more about LensLock today.


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