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Hinesville Police Department Upgrades Body Cameras With LensLock System

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

LensLock Body Camera Upgrade Helps to Streamline and Automate Operations for Police Officers in the Field

The Hinesville, Georgia city has approved a significant system upgrade for the police department’s body cameras and in-car cameras. The upgrade will automatically activate body and police car cameras when the police cruiser's lights are activated. Additionally, the automated data transfer system will prompt automatic uploads when officers are within range of the police station.

Assistant Police Chief Tracey Howard decided to upgrade the existing LensLock software for improved efficiency, transparency and ease of use.

“If we get a call about something, we’re able to see it immediately once the officers are back in range. If there’s some question about what took place or what happened, or what the officer was involved in, we have that immediate ability,” Howard said. [Source]

Howard plans on expanding the LensLock system with an additional 70 cameras, bringing all remaining officers into the system. The approved upgrade is underway following the city’s recent approval. LensLock is proud to continue its service and support of the Hinesville Police Department.

LensLock, Inc. is a privately held, law enforcement technology company specializing in body-worn and in-car dash cameras. As a Microsoft Azure Government Cloud partner, LensLock’s secure video cloud management solution is FBI CJIS-compliant, reliable, user-friendly, and affordable.

LensLock’s mission is to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and safer. LensLock builds innovative, cost-effective technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and delivers best-in-class service each and every day.

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