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LensLock Announces New Body Camera Partnership with Roxbury PD

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

New Jersey Police Department Switches To LensLock For Police Body-Worn Cameras

LensLock, Inc. announced today a new partnership with the Roxbury, New Jersey Police Department for a supply of body cameras. The decision was led by Roxbury Police Capt. Kevin Howell, who recommended the switch in his September 29 report to Roxbury Township Manager John Shepherd and Roxbury Police Chief Dean Adone.

In his report, Howell noted that Roxbury Police Department will save almost $80,000 over five years, and enjoy better service compared to the current provider. The department began researching body-camera alternatives after it began “experiencing issues” with its existing provider. This struggle prompted research into using LensLock, Inc. as a provider. Howell noted superior customer service with LensLock as well as a lease arrangement instead of a capital purchase were two differentiators. This switch will ultimately free up the general capital budget for the department.

“Lenslock had a strong reputation in other areas of the country, but the Roxbury Police Department became their first customer in New Jersey,” noted Howell. “Lenslock was chosen due to their superior customer service, strong cloud-based server platform, no hidden fees pricing policy and ability to provide a superior platform at a competitive price.”

About LensLock, Inc. LensLock, Inc. is a privately held, law enforcement technology company specializing in body-worn and in-car dash cameras. As a Microsoft Azure Government Cloud partner, LensLock’s secure video cloud management solution is FBI CJIS-compliant, reliable, user-friendly, and affordable. LensLock’s mission is to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and safer. LensLock builds innovative, cost-effective technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and delivers best-in-class service each and every day.

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