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LensLock Body-Worn Cameras Help Promote Transparency, Enhance Officer Training, and Maximize College Campus Safety.

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University College Campus Police Department Vehicle

Body-worn cameras have become indispensable tools for modern law enforcement agencies, including college campus police and security. With the ability to capture crucial evidence and promote transparency, body-worn cameras play a vital role in enhancing campus safety and security. Most importantly, body cameras worn by college campus police officers help deter crime and de-escalate potential conflicts. Dive into key benefits of implementing body-worn cameras on your campus, and learn how you can help increase transparency and accountability, while strengthening trust with students and the public.

Key Benefits of Using Body-Worn Cameras for College Campus Police and Security Departments.

  1. Increased Transparency and Accountability. Build trust and confidence within the campus community by demonstrating transparency in law enforcement practices and decision-making processes. Body-worn cameras help capture an unbiased documentation of the encounter. A point-of-view that typically tells a more complete story, often containing more details about what led up to the incident. Parties involved in the incident are often compelled to be more truthful when questioned, knowing their responses are being documented.

  2. Improved Evidence Collection, Storage, and Sharing. LensLock body-worn cameras help capture real-time evidence, aiding investigations and ensuring fair and just outcomes in disciplinary proceedings and legal cases. All body-worn camera evidence is uploaded into the LensLocker™ Digital Evidence Management Service (DEMS) hosted on FBI CJIS-compliant Microsoft Azure for US Government cloud storage solution. LensLocker™ helps campus police and security easily and securely share evidence with the district attorney, campus administration, and other authorized parties. Full chain-of-custody reporting and secure access permissions ensure compliance, helping prevent unauthorized access.

  3. Deterrence and De-Escalation of Conflicts. LensLock body-worn cameras serve as a deterrent to aggressive behavior and encourage de-escalation techniques, leading to reduced incidents of violence and misconduct on campus. Recent research shows that officers wearing body cameras experience fewer use-of-force incidents and complaints¹. Detained suspects are also less likely to escalate matters when being recorded, as any resistance or aggressive behavior may add to the charges filed against them later in court. ¹Source: Ferrazares, Toshio, “Monitoring Police with Body-Worn Cameras: Evidence from Chicago” (October, 2021)

  4. Training and Professional Development. Utilize LensLock body-worn camera footage for training purposes, leading to improved response tactics and decision-making skills. Body-worn camera footage offers law enforcement executives the chance to introduce fresh strategies and evaluate how well officers adhere to the designated initiatives in performing their duties². Body-worn camera footage can also be used to commend officers for going above-and-beyond the call of duty, resulting in positive performance reviews and commendations. ² Source: Brett Chapman, “Body-Worn Cameras: What the Evidence Tells Us,” (NIJ OJP, November 2018)

Best Practices for Choosing the Right Body-Worn Camera Service.

  1. Quality Customer Service is Key. Imagine relying on your body-worn camera for vital evidence in a critical situation, only to face technical issues and unresponsive support. With a deep understanding of unique needs of campus law enforcement departments, LensLock excels in providing responsive high-quality customer service. From initial inquiries to ongoing support, LensLock's dedicated team is based in United States and promptly and professionally addresses any concerns. But don't take our word for it, hear for yourself what our clients have to say.


“Customer service is why we chose LensLock. When we call, they answer. When we need them, they show up.”


— Sheriff Wendell Anderson Yuba County Sheriffs' Department (CA)

  2. Affordability, Included Accessories and Other Key Services.


Law enforcement teams are smaller than ever, and budgets are tight. LensLock body-worn camera services are competitively priced and include benefits that other vendors simply cannot offer. LensLock body-worn camera service includes mounting clips, accessories, and docking stations at no extra charge. LensLock body-worn camera service includes a truly unlimited data plan, FBI CJIS-compliant redaction services, and an end-to-end hardware warranty. Rest assured that there will be no surprise charges coming your way.


3. Data Ownership. Unlike many other body-worn camera vendors, LensLock camera footage is always yours to keep. In the rare case that a customer terminates their contract with LensLock, all evidence data stored in the LensLocker™ Digital Evidence Management Service is securely turned over to the customer at no extra charge, no strings attached.

Join the ranks of leading educational institutions across the nation who prioritize the safety and well-being of their campus community. Contact LensLock today to learn more about how body-worn cameras can benefit your campus police department.


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