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Baraga County Sheriff's Office (Mich.) Chooses LensLock for Body-Worn Cameras.

Baraga County Sheriff's Office chooses LensLock body cameras
Baraga County Sheriff's Office. Photo Courtesy of Baraga CSO Facebook Page.

In the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula lies Baraga County, a place teeming with opportunity and untamed natural beauty. Known for its affordability, business-friendly environment, and a wealth of tourism assets, this area beckons businesses to leverage its economic advantages while embracing the allure of its unspoiled landscapes. Recently, Sheriff Joe Brogan and his team at the Baraga County Sheriff's Office embarked on a pivotal decision: choosing the right body-worn camera solution to uphold law enforcement standards in this thriving region.

Outdated Body Cameras in Dire Need of Replacement.

Facing the challenge of outdated and unreliable body-worn cameras, Sheriff Brogan sought a reliable replacement for his team. The existing cameras were showing signs of wear, with declining battery life and a growing concern of failure in critical situations. The need for dependable equipment was imperative to ensure the safety and efficiency of the Sheriff's Office in their daily operations. “Those [old] cameras were getting where they weren’t reliable anymore. Battery life wouldn’t last a full 12-hour shift. Body cameras have become an everyday part of our equipment now,” stated Baraga County Sheriff Joe Brogan.

After an extensive evaluation period, Sheriff Brogan and his team made the resounding choice to move forward with LensLock for their body-worn camera solution. LensLock specializes in equipping law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge body-worn cameras, in-car systems, and robust digital evidence management solutions. Recognized for affordability of solutions without compromising on quality, LensLock stood out as a beacon of reliability and innovation in an industry often fraught with high costs and limited service. LensLock's commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective products paired with responsive and hands-on customer service aligned seamlessly with the Sheriff's Office's needs.

Commitment to Excellence and Upholding Law Enforcement Integrity.

The reassurance of reliable body-worn cameras empowers Sheriff Brogan’s team to navigate their duties with confidence, knowing they have the support of LensLock technology by their side. LensLock's innovative body-worn cameras not only address the immediate concerns of reliability but also contribute to the broader mission of ensuring safety and maintaining the integrity of law enforcement in this vibrant community. All digital evidence collected in the field is securely stored in LensLock's Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) powered by FBI CJIS-compliant Microsoft Azure for US Government cloud storage solution called LensLocker™ . Access to evidence is secure and backed with full chain-of-custody reporting.

As LensLock continues to revolutionize the landscape of law enforcement technology, the partnership with the Baraga County Sheriff's Office stands as a testament to LensLock’s commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to empowering law enforcement agencies with reliable, affordable, and cutting-edge solutions.

Contact LensLock today to learn more about how your agency can benefit from LensLock’s solutions tailored specifically for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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