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Key Components of a Digital Evidence Management System

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Digital Evidence Management System

An evidence management system enables law enforcement agencies to collect, store, manage, and analyze digital evidence including body camera and dash-camera footage. Moving this data from on-premises to cloud-based allows for secure, reliable, and seamless access to digital evidence collected by officers in the field.

With the integration of video evidence, digital data has become as critical to law enforcement as forensic evidence like fingerprints, DNA, and ballistic reports. As video evidence becomes increasingly important for agency operations, accessibility and management can make or break important cases.

What is a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)?

A digital evidence management system combines secure, cloud-based storage with an encrypted software suite designed to streamline the management and storage of digital evidence.

Examples of digital evidence include video footage from body and dash cameras, telematics data, and identifiable information such as faces, tattoos, license plates, etc. This vast amount of data is then processed, analyzed, and stored by the digital evidence management system. Secured evidence can be accessed over the cloud using an authorized internet connection.

Benefits of Digital Evidence Management Systems

Not all DEMS are created equally and the offerings can vary from vendor to vendor, agency type, service level agreement, and scale. Fortunately, LensLocker™ by LensLock, inc. is a free digital evidence management system with unlimited data, users, and video sources. LensLocker™ provides the same free DEMS to all agencies, regardless of size, type, or level.

Here are just a few benefits of using a digital evidence management system like LensLocker™:

  • Automatic data collection and uploading for expediency and accountability

  • Wide range of file support for compatibility and format conversion

  • Secured cloud storage with encryption and CJIS compliance for safe evidence management

  • Video editing for annotation, transcription, and classification

  • Redaction services with facial recognition and video redaction for distinctive tattoos, license plates, and audio data

  • Case and video sharing capabilities between agencies and justice systems

  • Data logging and analytics including GPS playback, time stamping, and officer name

  • Database search capabilities including case number, incident ID, date, and tagging

LensLocker™ Free Digital Evidence Management Software System

evidence software police

The LensLocker™ DEMS solution is a FBI CJIS-compliant, dedicated cloud-based suite secured by the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. The user-friendly features include law enforcement digital evidence tagging, simple and secure evidence sharing with chain-of-custody reporting. Best of all, LensLocker™ is currently offered at no cost to law enforcement agencies in United States. Agencies can store dash cam and body camera video, photo, and audio files on LensLock's secure Evidence Management portal, with no contract required.

Get A Complete Digital Evidence Solution with LensLocker™

LensLocker™ provides digital evidence solutions for agencies of all sizes and levels. Fill out the form below to get started today.

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