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Cedar City Police Updates Camera System with New LensLock, Inc. Partnership

The Council Approved 5-Year Deal Covers Body Camera Equipment for Officers, Dash Cameras for Vehicles and Fixed Cameras for Interview Rooms

The Cedar City Police Department announced a new rollout of LensLock’s police camera system following an exhaustive market evaluation. Ongoing challenges with their existing camera system prompted a “critically important” hardware and software upgrade. Police Chief Darin Adams submitted several bids to the Cedar City Council. With Adams’ input, the council ultimately selected LensLock citing strong field testing, an intuitive, cohesive system and easily accessible cloud storage.

“The devices offered by the company have tested well and appear to be user-friendly, Adams said. Additionally, Lenslock offered a cohesive system for vehicle, body and interview room cameras, where footage is uploaded to cloud storage and “easily accessible.” -Police Chief Darin Adams

The 5-year deal covers LensLock’s body cameras, police dash cameras and fixed cameras as well as periodic hardware updates through the contract duration. In addition to the hardware rollout, LensLock’s digital evidence management system is included free, with customer support and cloud-based unlimited storage. Implementation is expected to start in the spring of 2023 beginning with officer body cameras, followed by in-car cameras for police cruisers.

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