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LensLock, Inc. Announces New Partnership With Georgetown Police Department

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Georgetown Police Department

Georgetown Police Department Looks to Replace Aging Motorola In-Car and Body Worn Cameras with LensLock’s Newer, More Affordable Technology

Workforce changes for the Georgetown PD prompt a new 5-year contract with law enforcement technology company, LensLock, Inc. After deciding to add a K9 unit to their force, Georgetown Police Chief William Pierce concluded that their existing Motorola (WatchGuard) in-car and body-camera solution was no longer viable. With the equipment now at their “end of life” cycle, support and functionality were impossible with the PD’s new additions.

This is a big issue,” Pierce said. “We can’t do our job, legally, by law, without them (body camera systems).” -Police Chief William Pierce

Following extensive market research, Pierce recommended LensLock, Inc. to the Georgetown City Council. This contract was promptly approved and the switch is now underway. The deciding factors for the camera system switch include LensLock’s advanced tech, user-friendly experience, and affordability.

The 5-year deal includes LensLock’s body cameras, police dash cameras and fixed cameras as well as periodic hardware updates through the contract duration. In addition to the hardware rollout, LensLock’s digital evidence management system is included free, with customer support and cloud-based unlimited storage. Implementation is expected to start in the spring of 2023 beginning with officer body cameras, followed by in-car cameras for police cruisers.

LensLock, Inc. is a privately held, law enforcement technology company specializing in body-worn and in-car dash cameras. As a Microsoft Azure Government Cloud partner, LensLock’s secure video cloud management solution is FBI CJIS-compliant, reliable, user-friendly, and affordable.

LensLock’s mission is to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and safer. LensLock builds innovative, cost-effective technology solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and delivers best-in-class service each and every day.


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